June 10, 2018

I plan to purchase a Part 15 AM ransmitter and antenna to test at the current location in Covington in September. This particular combination appears to be about the only option that I will have at possibly getting the radio station to work at the current location. All other transmitters built for FCC Part 15 AM Type Certified use have to be mounted in the air and tuned up in the air. That cannot be done effectively at the current location. And the odds that I can now purchase a second property more suited to broadcasting is all but gone now that property sales are brisk and prices are rising fast. I will report back here in September with the results of the test.

Also, it is now likely I will have to change the initial format that was planned for this location. The noise on the AM dial here coupled with the transmitter that I will be using which has lower audio quality compared to a Hamilton Rangemaster leads me to believe that either a talk format or perhaps an Oldies format will be best used with this transmitter.

Lastly, if it appears the radio station will have a chance at working here and that is based upon how well the tests fare in September, I will rename the station Call Letters from WIMP to something different. WIMP was a means to poke fun at a light jazz format but now that format is not likely to air here, something else will be put in place, provided that I can get a reasonably good signal out from this location.

Thanks for your patience and we'll hope the test goes well. This seems to be my last chance at making this work in Covington.