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Station News Update

***March 18, 2018***

If I am able to get the radio station on the air this year, I will have to see if I can get enough range and equally important, a quality signal over a decent portion of Covington and part of Newport to make this project work. I doubt I will be in a position to buy a second property in the area now that home prices are rising quickly and sales are brisk. Thus, if the technical problems that exist at the current location make it impossible to reach any meaningful distance i.e. potential listeners, I will have to look at other sites in other places to develop the station.

When I purchased this property over five years ago , it was with the hope I could buy a second property within a couple of years that was more ideally suited for broadcasting with a legal, low power AM radio transmitter. Sadly, cash flow problems and also, car issues that resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars and also a loss of income, squelched that hope. While that was a few years ago, I have not been able to fully recover from the losses and unless I win some money in the lottery, won’t have a chance to buy a better property in Covington for broadcast purposes.

In light of the issues with transmitting in Covington with a low power AM radio transmitter, it is now likely a music format will not be the final format for WIMP AM Radio, should it get on the air.

At this point, I believe some kind of talk format will best serve the market we can reach and make better use of the signal we transmit. The audio quality of a music format will not be adequate thanks to the noise on the AM deal in Covington and will deter people from listening. This will be less of an issue with a talk format.

More Station News

***May 20, 2018***

I think I’ve found a FCC Type Certified Part 15 AM transmitter that will at least give me a chance at getting a useable signal out from the current location. Fortunately this unit does not need to be tuned in mid air and instead uses a antenna mounted in the air that is attached to a coax lead to the transmitter on the ground.

In addition to the problems listed below, I also have to contend with the steel siding on my house which is probably going to affect the signal of the station. I can only get the antenna about 20 feet away from it and at that distance I am unsure how it will affect the signal. Either kill it completely or it likely won’t affect it at all. Will have to wait and see.

Will report back in the Summer to let you know how this plays out. Hoping for the best.

The following is a list of technical issues and environmental problems that exist at or near my current location for the radio station. For anyone in Part 15 AM broadcasting please use this list for future reference as a guide to avoid most or preferably all of the following problems to achieve maximum broadcast range. For the uninitiated, it will give you an idea of just how fragile a low power AM radio signal is and how it is easily and negatively affected by so many different outside sources.

1) Taller structures immediately surrounding my property. Blocks the signal path of the transmitter.

2) Small yard making it impossible to get a lift into the property to properly tune a transmitter at 20 feet up in the air.

3) Smart Electric and Gas meters in the homes nearby. They create a lot of noise on the AM radio dial.

4) Grounding problems with some of the utility lines nearby also adding to noise on the AM dial.

5) Radio towers nearby that send out strong signals on many frequencies including those that are best for my station to use. In turn this creates a veil of sorts on that frequency and will inhibit my broadcast signal from carrying further like it should.

6) Tall trees in the immediate vicinity. Branches can fall on the transmitter and also can reduce the broadcast signal range being so close to the transmitter. They can’t be removed since they are on a adjacent property.

7) The property is too small to both live in and have a adequate studio for the radio station.

8) Due to the size limitations of the property, I can’t mount the transmitter above the nearby tall structures to improve the signal.