About WIMP AM Radio

WIMP AM will be operating with a FCC approved Part 15 AM Radio transmitter. Utilizing a Hamilton Rangemaster Part 15 AM transmitter, we'll determine how well a unit like this can function in a densely built up urban area.

During the first testing phase, the National Weather Service forecasts will be aired for a few weeks to months. This will allow us to tweak the equipment and get the best sound out of the new station studio equipment.

WIMP AM Radio, after its initial testing phase, will offer a Smooth Jazz format. In addition, some traditional and contemporary Jazz will also be heard on the weekends.

The main focus of the station will be to entertain the people within the short listening radius with a music format not currently serving our local market. This station will operate as a non commercial venture and act as a platform to provide good music to anyone within earshot.

The projected on air date is now April 2019. Hopefully the over the air AM signal will reach at least a few blocks from this location. The obstacles to developing a legal, low power AM station in this location are numerous and present more than just challenges to getting maximum range under normal environmental circumstances.

Part 15 AM Broadcasting

What is Part 15 AM radio broadcasting? For the uninitiated, the FCC allows unlicensed broadcasting at extremely low power levels in a variety of radio bands including the AM broadcast band.

There are several FCC approved transmitters on the market used by thousands of private individuals and companies around the country that broadcast to a specific neighborhood, community or multiple communities when using multiple transmitters. The larger a station's reach, the more potential listeners they can gain. Some are run as actual commercial entities and sound just like the big, high watt licensed stations in your area, others are non profit and sound like professional non commercial stations. Still others and likely most are used by individuals that just like to play music or talk to serve their local neighborhood or area.