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Cincinnati’s Newest Radio Station!

WIMP AM radio will be a legal, unlicensed FCC approved, very low power Part 15 AM radio station. The anticipated usable or listenable range of a single transmitter in our current location is probably going to be a mile to a mile and a half radius from the transmitter. Fringe reception “may extend” beyond that radius but that is yet to be determined due to environmental factors at the transmitter site.

WIMP AM radio will be hitting the airwaves from the Cincinnati area by the Spring of 2017. The initial format we’ll offer is the National Weather Service broadcast while we run tests with the new equipment and fine tune the equipment for the best possible sound and also best range possible for the station.

The real format of the station after the testing phase is complete with consist of Smooth Jazz as our primary format and on the weekends, some traditional Jazz. There are just too many genres of Jazz to mention them all by name. In addition, we’ll also include a couple of daily talk shows that may interest our listeners. And we’ll provide a network newscast and local weather as a service to our listening audience. The station will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year.

We will announce our projected on air date and also the frequency we’ll use after we pick the best available frequency for the station. Currently we anticipate using 1640 since tests in past years indicate this is the cleanest frequency at night in the Cincinnati area. But we’ll confirm this after several months of tests this winter and if needed, we’ll change the frequency to another that will offer the best range at night. We’ll also announce the precise location of the station at that time.
Station News Update

***May 29, 2017 Update***

After several months of little work and small paychecks with my current employer (over 11 years with them) very recently I have been able to .earn a little more money and work levels seem to be increasing a bit. I suspect that since we now have a new corporate owner, the changes taking place have impacted revenue streams.

The station is not dead yet. I’m still living in NKY and still hope to launch the flea powered AM radio station at some point. Until I can be assured that my income is steady and adequate, I can’t do any work towards fulfilling the goal of returning the Part 15 AM station to the air. I still have pluming work that has to be done at the house and a little bit of debt I would like to get paid off which will allow me to obtain the last couple of pieces equipment needed to get the radio station on the air.

At this point, I am not completely ruling out a job change and would look for something in the Cincinnati area instead of commuting to Indianapolis. A transfer to St. Louis is also a possibility provided that work will be steady. Thus, I am still in a holding pattern for now until I can be assured of some stability with work.