WIMP 1620 AM Radio


WIMP AM 1620 is a legal, unlicensed broadcast station serving a small area of Covington, KY.  Covington is a suburb of 40,000 people located directly south of downtown Cincinnati, OH and sits along the Ohio River in northern Kentucky.

Currently WIMP AM has a very limited broadcast range of about three city blocks due to the use of an indoor antenna.  We are planning to install an appropriate outdoor antenna in the Fall of 2019 with the hope that we can increase our listening range to at least a mile radius from the transmitter.  You can learn more about the technical side of legal, unlicensed AM broadcasting on the Technical Information page.

We are a test station in the sense that we are using a new transmitter in a challenging environment which provides less than ideal conditions for low power AM broadcasting.  We hope that a outdoor antenna will allow us to maximize the broadcast range for a transmitter of this type.

STATION PERSONNEL               






July 28, 2019

Station Meteorologist Hugh Midity will be handling our  primary on air Forecasts again on the station.  Some of you may remember Hugh from our old KWAQ AM 1610 days in Medina, NY over fifteen years ago.

We are also going to attempt to bring back his sidekick Meteorlogist Gale Storm for our overnight forecasts.  

July 28, 2019

William C. Walker, the Proprietor of WILW Radio and developer of WIMP AM radio in Covington will continue to develop and maintain the station website.

Please bear in mind, Mr. Walker is not a professional web designer.  Deisgn flaws especially with photographs and pictures may be evident on the site as he learns how to become a competent photographer and graphics designer.



William C. Walker

Scott Todd

Hugh Midity

Gale Storm

Bob Taylor

Station Owner.  Handles day to day operations and website.

Chief Broadcast Engineer.  Technical issues and development..  

Chief Staff Meteorologist and weather forecaster.

Staff Meteorologist and weather forecaster.

Announcer and Voice work.  Handles most of the station's voice work.