WIMP 1620 AM Radio

AM Radio Primer





October 13, 2019

The following companies manufacture and/or sell radios that are good for listening to AM signals.

C Crane Radio

Sangean Corporation

Eton Corporation

October 13, 2019

The following indoor antennas can greatly improve AM reception on portable radios.

Twin Coil Ferrite AM Signal Booster (indoor and outdoor)

Kaito AN 100 antenna  (I use this one)

Terk AM Advantage



Now that our outdoor broadcast antenna will be installed at the end of October, we suggest you read the following to better understand the limitations of this station's signal and how to listen.  Compared to FM broadcasting, the AM frequencies receive more noise from outside sources that negatively impact the listening experience.  This also makes broadcasting on the AM band more of a challenge.

At the station's current location, we have some serious environmental problems that will result in reduced range of our broadcast signal.  The most serious is noise from the new Smart Meters from Duke Energy, power lines and other sources will reduce the broadcast range and impact the listening experience.  Also reducing our range is the taller strucures including trees adjacent to this property all of which will impact the signal.  And the metal siding on this property is also going to reduce the broadcast signal.  Also impacting the signal is the dense development of the area and pavement which impacts the ground wave that AM signals need to follow. Under ordinary conditions, in a property without these issues or existing nearby, the signal would easily carry more than a mile before degrading and becoming unlistenable after about two miles.  We can only hope that we can at least get a listenable signal of a mile radius during the day from this location allowing us to reach several thousand potential listeners.

Some tips for improving the listening experience at home or work.

1)  Use a sensitive AM radio like a C. Crane Radio or Sangean radio.

2)  Use an external Loop antenna with your radio to increase the sensitivity.

3)  Orient the antenna or built in ferrite antenna in the radio towards our station which is on the far east side of Covington.

4)  Keep your radio away from other electronics in your home that can create noise on the AM dial.

5)  Put your radio or antenna in front of a window if you have steel siding or a brick encased property.