The Latest Station News

(April 20, 2019)

I just purchased a new i.a.m Talking House transmitter and unfortunately it has turned out to be defective. A serious non stop humming noise is heard over the audio of the signal and it the problem is with the transmitter itself, not the audio chain. And it is not possible to connect it to a exterior outdoor antenna since the switch to accomplish that is broken. It will have to be shipped back for a refund and possibly a replacement sent with the hope that it will be fully functioning and in working order.

(March 30, 2019)

Still no sign that the new Talking House Remote Antenna Tuning Unit will be made available to the public anytime soon. As a result, I've decided to use my existing transmitter at this location simply because it will allow me to start on air testing of the new audio processing software, various audio file formats and learn how well this transmitter can handle the environmental challenges that exist here for FCC Part 15 AM broadcasting. The projected on air date is April of 2019 now.

During the initial test phase of the station which is likely to run for several months, I will simply relay the National Weather Service forecasts on the station. I have several months of work ahead recording the music for the station and also learning the automation software which is brand new. Since I work a full time job I only am able to work on this project a few hours during the week and then on weekends.

As soon as the station hits the air with the AM signal, I will be updating this site. With luck I hope a listenable signal of a mile radius can be achieved from this location but at this point that is likely to be a long shot due to the technical issues and environmental obstacles that exist and are beyond my control to fix.

The test frequency is going to be 1620. After listening to the radio dial here on and off over the last few months that seems to be the best frequency to use for now. I will likely design a new logo for the station now that a different frequency is going to be used and the focus of the station has changed.