The Latest Station News

(December 27, 2018)

I am in the process of demoing a new audio processing software program for the station. It appears that this will be able to function as well as the higher priced AM audio processing boxes that are still very popular with licensed broadcasters in this country. More and more licensed stations (both AM and FM) are using this software in other countries and even now some in the USA. The reviews I've read of the latest edition of this software are very good. This includes professional reviews from radio trade publications and also users of the software that either have AM or FM radio stations of all sizes or even hobbyists that use the software for recording music or musical instruments in a studio.

(December 16, 2018) The long anticipated arrival of the new Talking House extended range Part 15 AM transmitter is finally on the horizon. Currently they are past the testing phase and now are in production. Release of the new transmitter is slated for the first half of 2019. I have one on order and upon its release, I will be one of the first in the country to test it.

As many of you know I've faced nearly a dozen obstacles and challenges to successfully developing the station here in Covington. The vast majority are due to environmental issues with the immediate area. To compound the problem, thanks to a cash flow problem over the last few years and unexpected expenditures both at home and with my car, I was unable to purchase the much needed second property here to insure a good signal for the transmitter. Essentially. the current location lacks the necessary components to achieve the maximum coverage area for this location.

Upon receipt and installation of the new transmitter and antenna, will give it the "old college try" as they say.

I should also mention that I am now working full time in the local area and no longer commute out of town for my job. This will result in a bit more free time to devote to the radio station, and with the hope that it can at least become a meaningful albeit small, media outlet serving the neighborhoods in northern Covington.