The Latest Station News

(June 18, 2019)

After some testing with the current automation software, I've noted a couple of shortcomings with the scheduling module that prevents some files from playing at the right time or close to it. As a result, this software will likely be better suited to running a News/Talk format and not a music station or at least not the way I intend to run my music format. I have another program I will be trying starting this weekend and with luck, it should be able to build a more accurate time clock for each hour and fire files at the right time.

The downside to this is that it is likely going to result in a delay to the start of the Smooth Jazz format for the station by a month. It will take up most of my spare time when not at work to learn and properly configure the new software to accomplish what I need it to.

(June 16 ,2019)

It appears the glitches with the audio processing and also the automation software are now gone. I was able to successfully and continuously run the station playlist for six consecutive days without a single stoppage in the audio processing or automation. The first major hurdle for getting the music on the air is now out of the way.

I have since ordered and inserted some professionally recorded announcements called Sweepers and also a Legal ID into the playlist. Now working on getting the scheduling aspect of the software to fire songs and Sweepers at the right time and not interfere with the on air time clock. I expect to have a fully functioning but basic playlist ready to air by the end of July.

Currently there are over 400 Smooth Jazz songs in the playlist and by the time the station is ready to air, I expect that there will be at least 500 songs starting from the advent of Smooth Jazz in the early 1970's (not called Smooth Jazz until the 80's however) up to today with a few current hits.

(June 9, 2019)

Making slow but steady progress with the studio side of the station. Currently I am trying to configure automation software, audio processing software and software that will route the audio from the automation software to the audio processing software before it is fed to the transmitter. If I am able to succeed with this method of audio routing, it will eliminate the need for a second computer in the audio chain in the studio. I am running into some challenges though with the audio processor freezing up and stopping from time to time. May be a software conflict which I am trying to troubleshoot. Since I am using the older Mac High Sierra OS and not the new Mojave OS, that may be the issue. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon so that I can still go ahead with the plans to get the music format on the air in July.

(April 22, 2019)

I was able to eliminate the hum in the audio of the transmitter by moving it to another part of the home. While this still indicates a shielding problem against outside interference in the design of the unit it does mean I will be able to keep it and use the indoor antenna for a while until an outdoor antenna can be installed to increase the range of the station. This will allow testing of the new audio processing software and new automation software possible for the next few months. Thankfully it appears I will not have to return the transmitter to the manufacturer.